What does an amaryllis symbolize?

What does an amaryllis symbolize?

The amaryllis commonly means determination, beauty, and love. The Victorians associated amaryllis with strength and determination because of their height and sturdiness. Amaryllis can also mean success, and are commonly given as gifts of hard-won achievement.

What do you do with an amaryllis once it has flowered?

After-Bloom Care Cut the old flowers from the stem after flowering, and when the stem starts to sag, cut it back to the top of the bulb. Leaf Growth and Development. Continue to water and fertilize as normal all summer, or for at least 5-6 months, allowing the leaves to fully develop and grow.

Does amaryllis come back every year?

Although amaryllis are typically only sold around the holidays, they can be grown successfully year-round and bloom again as long as they receive proper care.

What temperatures can amaryllis tolerate?

Amaryllis prefers warm temperatures (70 to 75 °F) for best growth until the roots form and the leaves and flower stalk begins to grow. Once the plant flowers, cooler temperatures (65 °F) will prolong the life of the flower. Water: Immediately after planting, thoroughly water the bulb.

Can amaryllis take full sun?

Like most flowering bulbs, amaryllis prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

Will amaryllis bulbs multiply?

Plant bulbs in drifts in your garden for a big show of color. They should bloom the following year, around Mother's Day. If you live in the Upper or Middle South, you can leave your amaryllis in their pots for years. They will multiply and like being crowded.

How many years will an amaryllis bulb bloom?

With proper care, an amaryllis bulb will grow and bloom for decades. One grower claims his bulb has bloomed every year for 75 years! How often does an amaryllis bloom? The plant generally blooms once a year.

When should I put amaryllis in the dark?

Timing Amaryllis Blooms for Christmas In late summer, bring your amaryllis inside and place it in a sunny spot. Stop watering and feeding. The leaves, flowers, and stems will begin to fade. Once they have yellowed, cut them off and move the plant to a cool, dark place with temperatures between 55-60 degrees.

How do you store amaryllis for next year?


  1. Remove the Flowers and Stalks. Snip off the flowers as they fade and cut the stems to within an inch the bulb. ...
  2. Give It Sun. After the bulb flowers, it will produce several long, strappy leaves. ...
  3. Feed and Don't Overwater. ...
  4. Let It Rest. ...
  5. Repot for a Second Appearance.

Can you keep an amaryllis after flowering?

Don't toss your amaryllis bulbs after they finish blooming! You can keep them as houseplants and then coax them into bloom during the next holiday season. Here's what to do when the flowers fade: Snip off the flower stems about 1/2" from the bulb.

How do you store amaryllis bulbs after they bloom?

Dig your bulb up and store it in a cool, dry, dark place (like a basement) for anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks. Amaryllis bulbs in winter go dormant, so it won't need any water or attention. When you want to plant your bulb, place it in a pot not much bigger than the bulb, with its shoulders above the soil.

How long does an amaryllis bulb need to be dormant?

two to three months

Can you leave bulbs in pots?

You can grow virtually any bulb in containers, and you can mix different types of bulbs together, too. ... Start with a container with drainage holes so that excess water can escape, and plant your bulbs in the fall. Most spring-blooming bulbs prefer well-drained soil and will rot and die if they stay too wet for too long.

Are amaryllis poisonous to dogs?

The Amaryllis contains Lycorine and other noxious substances, which can cause increased salivation, gastrointestinal abnormalities (vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and abdominal pain), lethargy, and tremors in both cats and dogs. The bulb of the plant is reputed to be more toxic than the flowers and stalk.

Are coffee grounds good for amaryllis?

They like slightly acid soil so many add a sprinkling of coffee grounds to the standard potting soil. When repotting, try not to disturb the roots too much. You may experience fewer blooms after repotting until the roots resettle. Mature plants should only be repotted when the plant is pot-bound.

When should I feed my amaryllis bulbs?

Feed your burgeoning amaryllis with standard tomato fertiliser every 10 days as it grows, and remember to keep that soil moist. Once your amaryllis begins to flower, you can make the blooms last longer by moving the plant to a cooler spot.

When should I feed my amaryllis?

You should begin feeding amaryllis plants once the foliage begins to peek out above the soil surface – NOT before it has foliage. Amaryllis fertilizer requirements are not particularly special; pretty much any slow release or liquid fertilizer that has an N-P-K ratio of

Can you leave amaryllis in the ground?

Yes, even if you live in the Midwest! Although amaryllis bulbs are usually grown in containers indoors in the Midwest, they can be planted in the garden and lifted at the end of summer just as gardeners do to dahlias and gladiolus.

Can you plant an amaryllis bulb outside?

Amaryllis bulbs are easy enough to grow indoors, and just as easy to grow in the garden, provided you live in a suitable region. They make great specimens outdoors. They perform well in beds, borders or containers outside. ... Typically, new bulbs are planted with other spring bloomers – in fall.

Are amaryllis poisonous?

All species of the Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae) family, including the daffodil, are toxic. ... A red Amaryllis bloom – the bulbs can be hazardous if ingested. Ingestion may induce vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, tremors, and excess saliva.

How do you care for a potted amaryllis?

Keep the potting soil moist, but not wet, until growth appears. The other option is to place the plant in a well-lighted, 50 to 55 degree F location in fall. Maintain the amaryllis as a green plant from fall to early to mid-winter.

Can you save amaryllis bulbs?

Some individuals discard their amaryllis after it is done blooming. However, it's possible to save the amaryllis and force it to flower again next year. Proper cultural practices must be followed to successfully grow and reflower amaryllis bulbs. After the flowers fade, cut off the flower stalk with a sharp knife.

Can you over water amaryllis?

You will generally see growth begin in two to six weeks, with flowers developing in another six to eight weeks. Certain varieties of amaryllis may take more time to sprout. As long as your bulb remains firm, be patient and be careful not to overwater.

Do you water amaryllis from the top or bottom?

Water the potted bulb ONCE thoroughly, from top and bottom of the pot. Do not water regularly until new green growth appears at the top of the neck. If the soil dries out before that time, water no more than once per week, preferably from the bottom of the pot (see below).

How do you keep amaryllis from growing too tall?

If they grow too tall, you may cut them: Amaryllis are among the best, most long-lasting of cut flowers. After the flowers have faded, cut them off to prevent unnecessary seed formation, but leave the stalk in place to die back naturally. It helps to feed the bulb.

How much water does an amaryllis need?

Always use tepid to room- temperature water when watering your Amaryllis. The single Amaryllis will need about 8 ounces (1 cup) of water to stimulate growth, and the containers that have 3 bulbs will need 10 to 12 ounces of water. Containers with four to five bulbs will need 12 to 16 ounces (2 cups).

Why does my amaryllis have no leaves?

Yes, amaryllis with no leaves can come back! Your bulb is growing as it should! As the name suggests, this is a Holland variety, not a South African type —the two have different growth patterns.

Should I soak amaryllis bulbs before planting?

Planting Instructions. The first step when planting an amaryllis bulb is to soak the roots in lukewarm water for a few hours. Although this isn't necessary it will help to soften up dry roots and jump-start the growth process. Be careful not to over soak the bulb as you can cause mold to form and the roots to rot.

How big can an amaryllis get?


Will Amaryllis grow in Florida?

Amaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors between September and January in Florida. They will perform best if planted in a spot with partial sun and well-drained soil. In heavy shade, they will be less vigorous and will flower poorly. For more information on amaryllis, contact your county Extension office.