How much do maple logs sell for in Runescape?

How much do maple logs sell for in Runescape?

Item Statistics
Current Price940,001
Approx. Offer Price92,315
Approx. Sell Price10+17.

How much do maple logs sell for?

A Forester will measure the diameter and height of the log in a tree. A quality type will be assigned. Quality types could be pulpwood, grade 1,2 or 3 sawlogs or veneer. Value can be anywhere from nothing to $1.

How do you get maple logs?

Maple logs are received from cutting maple trees requiring a Woodcutting level of 45 and yield 100 Woodcutting experience (110 with Kandarin Medium Diary) per log. Maple logs can be burned with a Firemaking level of 45, giving 135 experience per log.

Where are maple trees in Runescape?


  • Seers' Village (9 trees; 4 behind bank, 3 in front, 2 right of courthouse)
  • North of the Seers' Village lodestone (25 trees before the trail, 17 on the farside)
  • North of McGrubor's Wood (42 trees)
  • West of Sinclair Mansion (24 trees)
  • Miscellania (10 trees, gives 0.

    Where are maple trees in Osrs?


    • 11 at the Woodcutting Guild.
    • 4 north of Seers' Village Bank.
    • 5 south of Seers' Village Bank.
    • 6 along the west wall of the Legends' Guild.
    • 7 east of Quartermaster Briget's shop in Great Kourend's Shayzien House.
    • 2 outside of Great Kourend's Hosidius House bank, north of the spirit tree patch.

    Are maples or willows faster XP?

    Willows give 68 xp per log, while maples give 100.

    What drops Dragon AXE Osrs?

    The dragon axe is obtained as a rare drop from Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Prime and Dagannoth Supreme, which inhabit the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. It can also be found as a very rare reward from a supply crate, which is obtained after earning at least 500 points during the fight against the Wintertodt.

    How long does 99 woodcutting take Osrs?

    To get 99 woodcutting level, you will gain Xp In total, its 13 Million XP. let's say if you play 5 hours a day, each hour you gain 150K xp, it cost 87 hours in game play. you will need 18 days to make it.

    How many hours is 99 runecrafting?

    at 25k / hour you are looking at about 480 hours. Assuming you put in 4 hours a day you are looking at 120 days or 4 months. We really cant take you seriously saying you are going for 99 in runecrafting starting at 40.

    How long does it take to get a 99 skill in RuneScape?

    170 hours

    Does Zezima still play RuneScape?

    Zezima, known outside RuneScape as Peter Zezima, is a cyberworld celebrity who was the highest ranked person in RuneScape overall for large portions of 2004-2007. He started playing in 2001, after a friend showed him the game, and has been playing since.

    Is RuneScape Worth Playing 2020?

    Despite being almost twenty years old, RuneScape remains a popular and profitable MMORPG. In 2020, it's easier to play than ever. For fans of the original, or for people looking for a free MMO that's still fun, Old School RuneScape is almost perfect.

    What is the max level in RuneScape?


    Will RuneScape ever die?

    It is dying slowly, with 95% of the current players being old players, some returning from a couple of years of inactivity, others who never really stop. The majority of the players are on Old School Runescape, and that is a big sign of the problems that runescape has.

    How much XP is a 99 in RuneScape?

    Note that a 10% growth factor may seem slow, but, as with all exponential growth, it expands rapidly to a massive experience needed for level 99. Level 85 requires nearly one quarter of the experience needed for Level 99 and Level 92 is nearly the exact halfway mark, requiring 6,517,253 experience.

    Do RuneScape accounts get deleted for inactivity?

    We do not delete accounts due to inactivity or after a period of time, names can be changed and details can be forgotten so it's more than likely with a little help from you we can find the account.

    Did RuneScape reset old accounts?

    Jagex don't reset accounts back to zero. If you are having trouble remembering your login, use the Forgotten login support page.

    Can I access my old RuneScape account?

    So long as you remember your username or the email address registered to your account, you can recover your account through the Runescape website by filling in all the details provided.

    Are RuneScape Private Servers Legal?

    Keeping in view the copyright lawsuits, there is no law prohibiting the users from owning Runescape Private Servers for their personal use which directs users to remain open and free with its use.

    What is the best RuneScape private server?

    • GrinderScape - The Best 317 Server Since 2008. ...
    • PkHonor - Inferno - ToB - Alchemical Hydra. ...
    • - Mage Refresh LIVE ::welcomeback. ...
    • Zenyte - OSRS MOBILE - #1 Ironman/PvM RSPS. ...
    • SoulPlay - #1 RSPS | Thousands Of Players.

    What is Moparscape?

    "Moparscape" was a fad that started a bit over a year ago. Basically people created a few duplicate Runescape servers, in which everything was the same as normal Runescape servers - the graphics, layout, items, emotes were the same - with the exception that you were able to cheat.

    What does a private server do?

    A private server is a physical computer that you own and operate, and has all the operating systems, software and programs in place to provide essential services, including email. "Need a textbook definition?" A private server is a machine or virtual machine that is privately administrated.

    Is Private Server illegal?

    Things get a little murkier when the private server is emulating an old game that has since passed on. Despite the game moving on, it's still illegal to host a server and distribute a client. Unlike emulating an active game, however, nobody is losing any revenue because the game has long since died.