What does Matilda's dad do for a living?

What does Matilda's dad do for a living?

Mr Wormwood - husband to Mrs Wormwood and father of Michael and Matilda - is a second-hand car salesman who likes to swindle his customers. "Sawdust," he tells his family, "is one of the great secrets of my success." ... Matilda was adapted for the screen in 1996, with Danny DeVito playing the role of Harry Wormwood.

What is Miss Honey's secret?

Honey invites Matilda over to her house for tea and reveals a secret: when she was two, her mother died from her circus accident injuries, and her father, a doctor, invited his wife's stepsister (sister in the novel), Miss Trunchbull, to live with them and look after her, but Trunchbull abused her; when Honey was five, ...

Did Miss Trunchbull kill Miss Honey's father?

Magnus Honey was Jennifer Honey's father and Agatha Trunchbull's stepbrother-in-law and adoptive grandfather of Matilda Wormwood. He might have been killed by Agatha Trunchbull but it was ruled as suicide by police because of there being no other explanation.

Where does the wormwood family minus Matilda move at the end of the story?


Is Miss Trunchbull a man?

In 1996, a film version of Matilda was released, with Pam Ferris playing Miss Trunchbull. In the RSC's musical adaptation of the story, the Trunchbull is played by a man.

How does Miss Trunchbull change during the story?

Her fate in the film differed greatly from the book; in the book, the Trunchbull was traumatized by the message on the blackboard and briefly fainted. When she awakened, she was said to have left the school “tight-lipped and white in the face.”

How strong is Miss Trunchbull?

Powers and Abilities Miss Trunchbull is extremely strong, lifting the rear of her Buick and turning it 180 degrees, then pushing it all the way back to her house.

Why does Miss Honey have no money?

Why Miss Honey is Poor When Miss Honey became an adult, she had to make a deal with her aunt to go to a teacher training school. Afterward, her aunt made Miss Honey feel like she owed money for all the years that her aunt took care of her. So, Miss Honey signed a document agreeing to pay back her aunt.

Is Miss Honey still alive?

It's not revealed in the novel or the film how she died. In the musical it's revealed that Mrs. Honey died from her injuries in a circus accident. The only time she is mentioned in both the novel and film is when Miss Honey tells Matilda that she died when Miss Honey was 2-years-old.

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Who is the nice teacher in Matilda?

Embeth Davidtz as Miss Honey Embeth Davidtz is almost certainly best known for playing timid and kind teacher Miss Honey in 1996 film Matilda. She previously starred in Schindler's List before her rise to fame in the film, as well as a role in Deadly Matrimony.

Who is Nancy Shepherd in GREY's anatomy?

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When did Amelia private practice?

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Who are Derek's sisters?

He was raised by a single parent, his mother Carolyn, along with his four sisters: Nancy, Kathleen, Liz, and Amelia. Like Derek, all four of his sisters are doctors.

Who plays Amelia?

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