What is quassia used for?

What is quassia used for?

Quassia is used for treating an eating disorder called anorexia, indigestion, constipation, and fever. It is also used to rid the intestines of various kinds of worms; as a tonic or purgative; and as a mouthwash.

What does quassia mean?

: a drug from the heartwood and bark of various tropical trees of the ailanthus family used especially as a bitter tonic and remedy for roundworms in children and as an insecticide.

What is the botanical name of quassia?

Quassia amara

What is quassia chips?

Quassia is used for debilitated digestion and loss of appetite, as in convalescence. It is also used for Anorexia nervosa, malaria, nematode worms and threadworms. Externally it can be used for Lice infestations. Quassia Chips contain insecticidal properties against flies, red spider mite, aphid and woolly aphid.

What is bitter bark?

(1) : a woody shrub (Alstonia constricta) with a bark sometimes used as a febrifuge. (2) : native quince. (3) : a shrub or small tree (Tabernaemontana orientalis) having evergreen leaves, sweet-scented flowers with slender tubes, and orange-colored fruit.

How do you use quassia chips for lice?

To make the rinse, soak a large handful of quassia bark chips (available from a herbalist or local health food store) in a one and a half litres of cold water overnight. Strain through a colander into a bowl and then it is ready for use. Bottled and stored in the fridge it will last for about a week.

Which is the common adulterant of quassia?

picrosma excelsa

What is bitter wood used for?

In manufacturing, quassia is used to flavor foods, beverages, lozenges, and laxatives. The bark and wood have been used as an insecticide.

What is bitter stick?

Chirata is also known and referred to as 'Swertia Chirata' (scientific name), 'Bitter Stick', 'East Indian Balmony', 'Kairata', 'Kirata', among others. ... So, the chirata herb is not something you will enjoy. But, you are likely to volunteer anyway, owing to the numerous health benefits of this magic herb.

What is Hombre Grande herb?

Quassia amara, also known as amargo, bitter-ash, bitter-wood, or hombre grande (spanish for big man) is a species in the genus Quassia, with some botanists treating it as the sole species in the genus.