How did Wormwood get its name?

How did Wormwood get its name?

Apsinthos is believed to refer to a plant of the genus Artemisia, used metaphorically to mean something with a bitter taste. The English rendering "wormwood" refers to the dark green oil produced by the plant, which was used to kill intestinal worms.

What is the meaning of wormwood?

1 : artemisia especially : a European plant (Artemisia absinthium) that has silvery silky-haired leaves and drooping yellow flower heads and yields a bitter dark green oil used in absinthe. 2 : something bitter or grievous : bitterness.

What Greek god is wormwood associated with?

What is wormwood? Wormwood, named after the Greek goddess, Artemis; the goddess of hunting and childbirth, belongs to the family of Compositae, a group consisting of 180 species. Many artemisia varieties have insecticidal properties, wormwood being the most potent.

Is Wormwood legal in Australia?

Absinthe has never been illegal to import or manufacture in Australia, although importation requires a permit under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulation 1956 due to a restriction on importing any product containing "oil of wormwood".

Where is thujone found?

Abstract. Thujone is a natural substance found in plants commonly used in foods and beverages, such as wormwood and sage, as well as in herbal medicines.

Is thujone in white sage?

Thujone, a terpene-like ketone and essential oil, is also found in the plant and may be responsible for some of its medicinal effects (Kinscher 1992). However, it is poisonous in large doses.

Is St George Absinthe real?

Real absinthe. No artificial ingredients, no gimmicks. The first legal American absinthe released after the U.S. ban was lifted in 2007, St. George Absinthe Verte remains one of the most acclaimed and respected spirits in this category.

Is Vieux Carre absinthe real?

It is the first legal absinthe to be distilled, bottled and sold on the East Coast of the United States in nearly 100 years. Vieux Carré's flavor and color are derived exclusively from 100% natural herbs. ... Vieux Carré is an original artisan spirit that combines historic processes with a modern expertise.

What is Grande Absente?

The very authentic absinthe: Grande Absente is a bitter liqueur which contains more plants of absinthe and less sugar.

How do you drink absinthe 69?

The serve is simple: place the spoon over a filled glass of absinthe with the sugar cube on it and sit it underneath one of the taps on the fountain. Slowly drip water over the sugar until it has dissolved. You should look to have about four to six parts water per one part absinthe.

How do you drink Absente?

The Right Way to Drink Absinthe

  1. 1 of 3. Step 1: Pour 1 to 1½ oz absinthe into a glass. Place absinthe spoon over the glass. Place sugar cube on the spoon. ...
  2. 2 of 3. Step 2: After absinthe louches up (gets cloudy), dump sugar into glass. Use the absinthe spoon to break up sugar and dissolve it.
  3. 3 of 3. Step 3: Drink. Slower.