Can you divide oxalis plant?

Can you divide oxalis plant?

Oxalis, or shamrock plant, is an easy-to-grow houseplant valued for its delicate, clover-shaped leaves. ... Divide oxalis and create new plants by transplanting small oxalis bulbs into separate containers. Divide oxalis after you see new growth in spring, which indicates that the plant has emerged from its winter dormancy.

How do you propagate Shamrock Oxalis?

The easiest way to propagate the Love Plant is by replanting the corms during the growing season (spring and summer) into well-draining potting soil and waiting for new stems and flowers to grow.

How does Oxalis reproduce?

Oxalis Reproduction: Just below the ground is a carrot like, vertical rhizome that produces leaves from the top and bulbils on its sides. Below the rhizome a thread like root connects it to the parent bulb. ... When disturbed, these bulbils are spread into the soil and form new plants.

How do you revive oxalis?

Decrease the water you give to the plant. When the leaves are all dry, cut away the dried stems and place the pot in a cool, dark place until February. Bring your shamrock plant back into a bright location in February. Begin watering the plant again.

Why is my oxalis losing color?

Before or during dormancy, their foliage turns yellow as it returns nutrients back to the bulbs, making the plants look rather ill. That can happen up to three times each year. When it happens to your oxalis, stop watering the plant, and wait until its leaves drop off or turn completely brown.

Is Oxalis a bulb?

Oxalis is grown from small bulbs. It is relatively a slow growing perennial which spreads easily in a garden bed.

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