Can you eat red sorrel?

Can you eat red sorrel?

Treat sorrel as you would both a leafy green and an herb. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Again, red-vein sorrel has a milder flavor and is delicious eaten raw. ... Sorrel can also be made into a sauce served with fish or chicken; cooked into soup, tarts, and quiches; and sautéed with other leafy greens.

How do you take care of a shamrock plant in the winter?

Place shamrock in full sunlight, but protect it from extreme temperatures and hot sunlight. For example, a sunny, south-facing window is perfect for winter but may be too hot during the summer. Move the plant 3 or 4 feet from the window or cover the window with a sheer curtain.

Will my oxalis grow back?

If you notice it start to grow again, immediately place it in front of a window so it can resume growing. If you don't notice any growth yet after about 4-6 weeks or so, don't worry. Clean up the dead leaves, place it in front of a bright window, and starting watering and watch for signs of new growth.

Does Shamrock grow all year round?

Shamrock plants bloom periodically, with delicate white or pink flowers which peek out from clusters of leaves throughout their growing season. These whimsical, living good luck symbols can be enjoyed during the fall, winter, and spring months. Shamrock plants differ from most house plants in a few ways.