How often can you dip corals?

How often can you dip corals?

Only dip them once before adding to the tank if you wish, then only when you see any problems with them worth dipping. Continually giving corals dips would do more bad than good, as I fear what could be happening right now.

Should I dip my corals?

And the reason why you want to dip your corals is it's going to prevent pests from entering in your aquarium. Dipping corals also inhibits the introduction of good critters such as amphipods and copepods. Coral dip removes good and bad critters from your corals.

Does coral dip kill algae?

It kills one type of algae, but not others. It would be great if there was one or more dips that would erradicate most/all algaes off the corals before placing them in the display tank.

Can you dip corals in hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide 9% The main use we have for this dip is hair algae removal and it works brilliantly on soft corals and in particular zoas. The dose we use is 10ml of 9% peroxide per litre of water, leave the coral for 5-10 minutes, and the algae should start vigorously bubbling.

Should you dip live rock?

The organisms living on and within these rocks are a natural sampling of what is found on the coral reefs and all play some small role in the overall quality of your system. ... In general, it is wise to “dip” your coral frags before placing them into your tank, but the same cannot be said with regards to your Live Rock.