Are wildflower phone cases good?

Are wildflower phone cases good?

These cute cases are so popular because of their quality. They are handmade and their quirky designs stand out. They are built to be protective, but not as much as LifeProof. The average price of a Wildflower case is $35 dollars, which is pretty expensive for a case.

Are wildflower cases protective?

Q: Are Wildflower cases protective? A: We've designed our cases to be very protective however, we do not claim to be a "rugged" type of case that is designed to protect your iPhone when mishandled or dropped. We consider each Wildflower a fashion accessory. Our cases are limited edition and require certain care.

Where can I buy wildflower phone cases?

Retail Stores

  • Behind The Glass. 168 East Magnolia Avenue. ...
  • Market House. 1650 Jack Warner Parkway, Suite 1006. ...
  • The Gypsy Spur. 2314 6th Street. ...
  • Whoopsy Daisy. 104 1st Avenue Northeast. ...
  • Golden Girls Clothing Co. 745 East Joyce Boulevard, Suite 111. ...
  • Monrow Boutique. 1700 Altus Road. ...
  • Vida Moulin. 1568 Bethany Home Road. ...
  • Brandswalk.

Does Wildflower make Android cases?

Wildflower cases are unique. No two cases are exactly alike! We hope you love our Wildflower cases as much as we love making them!

Who is the owner of Wildflower cases?

founder Michelle Carlson

Who is Sydney Carlson?

So who is Sydney Carlson? Sydney is a model, and, alongside her sisters Devon and Michelle, owns a phone case and accessory brand called Wildflower Cases. She has over 600k Instagram followers and over 150k followers on YouTube.

When was wildflower cases founded?

April 19th, 2012

How do you use Wildflower points?

Here's how it works: Be sure to give your phone number at checkout to track your points. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to earn bonus points. We will email you when it is time to redeem your points. Redeem your points!

What is Devon Carlson worth?

Devon's Youtube channel alone is worth $33,000 dollars....More Facts of Devon Lee Carlson.
Full Name:Devon Lee Carlson
DatingJesse James Rutherford
Net Worth$1 million - $5 million
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown

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