How do you take care of a sweet Kate spiderwort?

How do you take care of a sweet Kate spiderwort?

Easily grown in average, medium to wet, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers moist, acidic, humusy soils. Tolerant of wet, boggy soils. Deadhead each flower cluster after all buds in the cluster have opened to extend the bloom period.

Where can I buy spiderwort?

1-Quart in Pot Spiderwort (L0047) in the Perennials department at

Where does Tradescantia grow?

As long as there is good ambient light they will be happy, so they are perfect for growing in north- and east-facing rooms or in dim corners. The genus is native to the new world, from Canada to South America. They are known as weak scramblers and grow in their native habitat in woodlands and open fields.

How do you plant Tradescantia?

You'll get best results planting in rich, well-drained soil. Be sure to cover the roots or sink your cuttings 3″ to 5″ inches into the soil. Keep a moist soil until the plant becomes established. After this, weekly regular watering should suffice.

Does Tradescantia like humidity?

Tradescantia thrive in humidity and they love a regular misting. Leaf tips will turn brown without adequate humidity. Placing the plant on a tray of pebbles in water is one way to ensure ambient moisture.

Is Tradescantia toxic to pets?

It's important to note that usually there isn't a toxic reaction to consuming the leaves. But there's also no reason to risk it, when part of the plant is definitely toxic. Also known as Tradescantia, the Wandering Jew Plant and cats do NOT get along.