Can you get white violets?

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Can you get white violets?

The White Violet plant — Viola canadenis — is a flowering woodland perennial that is native to most parts of North America. ... With their long bloom season, these whimsical white woodland perennials can be enjoyed through early summer.

Are African violets easy to grow from seed?

They are generally undemanding and thrive best in dappled light. Saintpaulia ionantha. Gesneriaceae family. Moderately easy - African Violet seeds are very, very small.

How do I identify wild violets?

Weed avengers: Identifying wild violet

  1. Leaves: Wild violet boasts smooth, green, heart-shaped leaves, with pointed tips and rounded teeth. ...
  2. Flowers: Wild violet produces a typical violetlike flower. ...
  3. Stalks: Flowers are produced on leafless stalks that are no longer than the leaves themselves.

Are wild violets deer resistant?

That Common Blue Violet. But hear me out. ... But violets, they will work in many landscape conditions. Here we have a highly deer resistant, perennial, native groundcover that flowers purple (or pink or polka-dotted) in the spring.

How do you propagate African violets from blossoms?

African violets: Propagation by Blossom stems

  1. Remove open blooms from plant, leaving only peduncles. ...
  2. Remove buds and pedicels above leaflets. ...
  3. Cut blossom stem below leaflets. ...
  4. The cut blossom stems ready to root. ...
  5. Rooting the blossom stems. ...
  6. Wait for the plantlets to appear! ...
  7. Separate and pot the plantlets.

At what percentage should the humidity be kept for new cuttings?


How long does it take to root an African violet leaf?

3 to 4 weeks