Can violas grow in shade?

Can violas grow in shade?

Like lobelia, violas are cool-season annuals that can take full sun in early spring and fall, but they'll bloom a bit later into the summer if you grow them in the shade, especially in the South. ... Light: Shade, part sun, or full sun.

How do you keep violas blooming?

Caring for violas Violas will flower over a long period of time, if you deadhead spent blooms regularly. Water regularly if growing in containers. In early summer, trim untidy looking plants back to encourage further flowering. Divide perennial plants in September to invigorate them.

When is the best time to plant violas?

Planting violas To ensure colourful winter displays, it is important to grow reliably hardy, winter-flowering varieties and plant them out before the weather turns too cold in autumn; September or early October is the best time.

Do violas flower in winter?

Winter violas look dainty and delicate but they are tough enough to survive frost and snow and can flower all through winter. ... To keep your winter violas flowering through winter, make sure you promptly snip off the old flowerheads once the flowers have faded.

How do you keep violas blooming all summer?

Pansies should be spaced about 7 to 12 inches apart since they will spread out to 9 to 12 inches. Experts recommend deadheading pansies, like other violas, to prolong the bloom. This is easily accomplished by snipping off the dead or wilting blossoms. Make the cut an inch or two below the blossoms.