Are purple sweet peas edible?

Are purple sweet peas edible?

Since they are members of the legume family, people often wonder, can you eat sweet peas? No! All sweet peas plants are toxic.

Which peas are the sweetest?

The Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea Flower Edible pod peas are very, very sweet. They are a great way to introduce children to vegetable gardening because often the pea pods are so sweet that they rival candy and can be eaten fresh off the vine.

Is Miracle Grow good for sweet peas?

Sweet Peas enjoy plenty of water in warm conditions and you can feed them again in June / July with a soluble fertiliser such as Miracle-gro or another handful of Fish, Blood and Bone. Once in flower, make sure that you cut the flowers before they start to form seed pods, otherwise they will stop producing flowers.

Why are there no flowers on my sweet peas?

If your plants aren't flowering, it could be that they are not getting enough light (they need a minimum of 8 to 10 hours a day, but preferably nearer to 16 hours). ... Lack of flowers can also sometimes be a result of too much nitrogen fertiliser, which produces tall, leafy plants but no flowers.

Can you put sweet peas in pots?

Sweet Peas can be very successfully grown in containers providing a few basic rules are observed. These are; The container needs to be sufficient volume for the number of plants with a minimum size of 20 litres. Sweet Peas have a large root system and can easily become pot bound.

Why are my sweet peas dying?

Fusarium wilt – Fusarium wilt causes the yellowing of pea plants' foliage, stunting and wilting of the entire plant. The base of the stem, however, is not affected. ... Root rot – Root rot is also a soil borne fungi that affects peas. Pea plants yellow at the base of the plant, stems wither and eventually die back.

How do you revive sweet peas?

If you return from holiday and find the friends or neighbours didn't pick enough and the plants have start to set seed, then do not despair! Instead, remove all flower stems, water and feed. This should hopefully revive the plants and they'll start to bloom again.

Can peas get too much sun?

Like beans, peas will grow more plant than edible seeds if too much sun is given.

Can you grow peas in hot weather?

Cool-weather varieties can be planted in all areas in early spring and in some areas in late summer. They grow best when the temperature stays below 70 degrees. Peas will stop producing pods when they get too hot, but will start producing again when it cools down. ... The peas inside the pod stay small and tender.

How often do you water a pea plant?

Water deeply once a week. Never allow the soil to dry out totally or you'll drastically reduce pea production. The critical time for watering is when the plants are blossoming and producing pods. When pods are maturing in hot weather, water daily if needed to maintain pod quality.

Can you overwater peas?

Overwatered Pea Plants The plant may seem to wilt when overwatered as well. ... If your plant is drooping and sagging, but the soil is still wet, you have overwatered it. This is much more serious than underwatering a plant, as you can add water to the soil, but you cannot simply take it away.

When should I feed sweet peas?

Mix in a watering can and spray on the Sweet Pea foliage just below the flowers. This is a good deterrent against aphids. Feeding should be done morning or evening avoiding strong sunshine. In very hot weather and dry conditions plants benefit from watering and spraying over with water.

Do Sweet peas need deep soil?

Plant them about 1cm deep, cover with compost and water them well. Sweet peas perform best if their roots are forced to grow in a deep, narrow channel so choose a tall pot to give them a strong start.

Do Sweet peas need to be staked?

Except for the bush types, sweet peas are real climbers. Give them at least 6 feet of good support. Some varieties may climb to 9 or 10 feet. If you don't have a fence or trellis, provide brush or chicken wire or bushy, stubbly twigs that they can cling to.

How do you pinch out the tips of sweet peas?

To pinch sweet pea plants, wait until they are 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm.) high. Take the growing tip between your forefinger and thumbnail and snip the growing tip off using your nail as your blade. Pinching out sweet peas will force the plant hormones called auxins to move to the side or auxiliary tips.

How do you prune sweet peas?

They require regular irrigation and fertilizing but just a little pruning.

  1. Use your thumb and pointer finger to pinch off the growing tip of each sweet pea plant when it grow to a height of 6 inches. ...
  2. Deadhead sweet pea blossoms as they begin to wilt by clipping or pinching them off just below the flower head.