Is viola the same as Violet?

Is viola the same as Violet?

Botanically speaking, violas, pansies, and almost all violets are perennials belonging to the genus Viola. Violets are more often used as woodland or rock garden plants. ... Violas and pansies take sun or partial shade, though pansies will bloom longer into spring if given afternoon shade.

Are wild violets perennials?

Wild violets (viola papilionacea, viola sororia) are low-growing perennials that bloom in mid-May. While some people consider them a lovely decorative plant for gardens and landscaping, others consider them a bothersome weed because they display an aggressive behavior that is very hard to control.

Is it safe to eat wild violets?

Indeed, you can! Violets, both the leaves and flowers, contain high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A. The edible violet plant can be used to make syrups, brew teas, and in baked desserts. Flowers can be added to salads and soups as garnish.

Are violets poisonous to cats?

By the way, African violets are non-toxic to curious cats, dogs, and horses, according to the ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants page. This information should offer some comfort to parents of curious cats that enjoy the taste of this lovely houseplant.

What plants are not good for cats?

  • Oleander.
  • Peace Lily.
  • Pothos, Devil's Ivy.
  • Sago Palm.
  • Spanish Thyme.
  • Tulip.
  • Yew.

What kind of plants can cats eat?

Felines enjoy attractive edible flowers such as zinnias, marigolds and Johnny-jump-ups, as well as catnip, cat thyme, oat grass, rosemary and bean sprouts. Although catnip has a reputation as a cat favorite, you might want to try some on your cat before you plant it, because not all cats like it.

Is Spider plant toxic to fish?

Spider Plant in Fish Tanks While this can represent a minor change to aquariums, it can make a difference in the amount of oxygen and CO2 in the tank. In turn, this lack of balance can be harmful to both the plant and the fish.

Can you put any plant in a fish tank?

All that said, there are some marginal plants that hold up well in a fish tank. Bog plants such as Amazon swords, crypts, and Java fern will survive submerged, although they will do better if allowed to send leaves up out of the water. ... The roots of land plants for aquariums can be submerged but not the foliage.

What plants can grow in a fish tank?

The Best Plants for the Middle or Background of Your Tank

  • Water Wisteria. This plant produces lace-like leaves that vary in size according to the water temperature. ...
  • Amazon Sword. ...
  • African Water Fern. ...
  • Java Fern. ...
  • Anubias. ...
  • Cryptocoryne Beckettii. ...
  • Aponogeton Ulvaceus Bulb. ...
  • Dwarf Aquarium Lily.

Can I put a peace lily in my fish tank?

Growing peace lily in an aquarium is an unusual, exotic way to display this deep green, leafy plant. Although you can grow peace lily aquarium plants without fish, many people like to add a betta fish to the aquarium, which makes the underwater environment even more colorful.

Can a peace lily grow in just water?

Yes, peace lilies can grow in water alone; they are often sold in vases without any soil. ... This allows the roots to grow into the water, but keeps the base of the plant and its leaves from being constantly wet, which can cause rot.

Are peace lilies toxic to fish?

Peace lilies have toxic sap, but it probably would not be a problem unless your fish decided to actually eat pieces of it. These plants have tough leaves. I suspect you would not see this with most kinds of fish. Yes the sap is definitely toxic to animals such as dogs.