Is vervain lemon verbena?

Is vervain lemon verbena?

Vervain's botanical name is Verbena officinalis, which is often what it's called in scientific research. Vervain belongs to the plant family Verbenacea, not to be confused with lemon verbena. Lemon verbena is a completely different plant, but lemon verbena and vervain are in the same plant family.

Who is the oldest witch in Vampire Diaries?


Who is the strongest witch in originals?

Freya is currently the most powerful witch, not Davina. Davina is the reagent, but that does not mean she has all these powers that she can use. She almost bled out trying to get help from the ancestors. Freya doesn't need that, she could use any type of magic she pleases.

Is Bonnie stronger than Freya?

Bonnie is, people always say Freya is stronger because she used her magic to kill enemies more often, but get it straight, she never did things at the level of creating an entire dimension without thinking and controlling hellfire that can burst an entire town, by feats Bonnie's superior.

Who is stronger Bonnie or Freya?

Technically, Freya is stronger and she has more experience than Bonnie, but Bonnie is much more resilient.

Is Bonnie stronger than Kai?

Expression made Bonnie more powerful than the power she had using Spirit magic and the power of 100 witches. That being said even with traditional magic Bonnie is more powerful than Kai even with Kai having merged with Luke. You can actually see that in the epis.

Is there a Bennett witch in legacies?

There are several traces of The Vampire Diaries in its second spin-off, Legacies. ... In The Vampire Diaries Bonnie grew into an extremely powerful Bennett witch. She also began to teach the twins when they were children.

Is Bonnie Bennett alive in legacies?

It's strange Bonnie's apparently still living in Mystic Falls but has adopted a hands-off approach when it comes to the Salvatore School. However, given the numerous heroic sacrifices she's made for her friends in the past, she deserves a break. Bonnie isn't likely to appear in the flesh on Legacies.

Is Bonnie the last Bennett witch?

As of the final season, Abby, a vampire, and Bonnie Bennett are the last living members of the Bennett family.

Who killed Enzo?


Does Enzo kill Damon?

Enzo tries to kill Damon in order to obtain a antidote for desiccation from Wes. Damon refused to fight Enzo and Enzo then desiccated mid fight. Damon injects Enzo with many antidotes and one of them works. Then, Damon reaches inside Enzo's chest and tells him he had to flip off his humanity to leave him.

Does Enzo really die in Season 8?

Yes, Enzo St. John is dead. You saw Stefan rip out his heart, you saw his face turn grey, and you heard Bonnie scream in anguish. But that's not the good news!04-Feb-2017

Does Bonnie die Season 8?

The Vampire Diaries concluded its eight-season run on Friday with a whirlwind finale that should have you alternating between sobbing and grinning. Elena and Damon got to live happily ever after. Bonnie got to live. Stefan made the ultimate sacrifice, but finally found redemption (and Lexi).

Do Enzo and Bonnie end up together?

Two years later, after their romantic feelings had build up, the two started a romantic relationship and fell in love. After dating for three years, they have been separated due to the Armory's Monster mentally incapacitating him to do the creature's biding (along with Bonnie and Enzo's best friend, Damon).