Is Damon Elena's dad?

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Is Damon Elena's dad?

Isobel later called John and had left him the device. She told him not to fail and to add more vampire to the list that will die. Then it was revealed by Isobel that he was Elena's father. John is about to vervain, Damon.

Is Katherine Elena's grandmother?

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and protagonist from the television series The Vampire Diaries. ... It is revealed that Elena is a Petrova Doppelgänger, which is thus responsible for her being identical to her ancestor, Katherine Pierce (née Katerina Petrova).

Who is Katherine's baby daddy?


Why does Katherine hate Elena?

Maybe it's because she was jealous, maybe it was because she hated seeing someone who was so much like the weak human girl that she used to be, or maybe she just hated looking at someone with the same face as her. Regardless of the reason, Katherine seemed to hate Elena for sport.

Is Katherine Elena's mother?

Isobel Flemming was the wife of Alaric Saltzman and the biological mother of Elena Gilbert. She was good friends with her ancestor Katherine Pierce, a vampire she often conspired with. ... She was also a relative to the Gilbert Family, as she was Elena's biological mother.

Does Katherine leave Elena's body?

Katherine chooses the latter and shows up at the Salvatore house. ... She says goodbye to everyone in her own way leaving Stefan last. She kisses him and Stefan stabs her. Katherine collapses and leaves Elena's body.

Who killed Katherine Pierce?

Katherine Pierce
Biographical information
Cause of deathHanging (1st time) Post-Cure Effects (2nd time; body) Stabbed with the Traveller Knife (3rd time; spirit) Stabbed in the heart (4th time)
Killed byHerself (1st time) Elena Gilbert (2nd time; body) Jeremy Gilbert (3rd time; spirit) Markos (4th time)

Who turned Katherine into vampire?

Katerina Petrova was born into a somewhat wealthy family in Bulgaria in the late 15th Century. Katerina had a daughter in 1490, however, the two were separated at birth. Katerina became a Vampire in 1492, turned by Rose-Marie's blood.

What did Katherine inject in Elena's body?

If I were Nadia, I'd be a little annoyed that Katherine didn't think about getting to join her on the other side as a positive. Maybe that's why she went to hell in the end. Well, that and injecting Elena's body with the super vampire-eating hybrid-fied venom.

Why is Stefan called the Ripper?

Stefan Salvatore is a very well known ripper, often called by the nickname, 'The Ripper of Monterey' due to him wiping out a village there.

Does Damon kill Enzo?

Unwillingly, Bonnie agrees to help Damon and the rest of the gang kill the devil by taking a vial of Elena's blood so that they can inject him with the cure. It sounds like a safe plan, but just you wait. ... Stefan rips out Enzo's heart and casually walks into the house to finish off Bonnie.

Are Katherine and Elena related?

Katherine and Elena are related because they belong to the Petrova bloodline. Katherine is the ancestor of Elena and they both are each other's doppelgangers not only her the line of known Petrova doppelgangers are Amara,Tatia, Katherine and Elena.

Is Elena actually adopted?

Elena was adopted by Grayson Gilbert, her biological uncle and his wife Miranda, her adoptive mother and aunt by marriage. Aunt Jenna, who was her and Jeremy's legal guardian. Her actual mother was Isobel Flemming, who was a descendant of the Petrova bloodline, including Katerina Petrova and Tatia.

What is the Petrova curse?

According to legend, centuries ago when vampires and werewolves wreaked havoc upon the Aztecs, a powerful shaman used a moonstone and the sacrifice of Petrova blood to cast a curse on them. ... The legend says that if the curse was lifted by a vampire, then the werewolves would be stuck servants of the moon forever.

Did Elena cheat on Stefan?

Yes, Elena was unfaithful and disrespectful towards Stefan. Elena kissed Damon at the end of Season 2, when her and Stefan were STILL TOGETHER. No matter what that meant, it's cheating.

What is Stefan's nickname?

Masked Man

What blood does Stefan drink?

Further on in the series, Damon and Stefan start to bond as brothers again and it becomes apparent that they do love each other. Because of his addiction to human blood, Stefan only drank animal blood in the beginning of the series, which made him weaker than other vampires.

Why can't Stefan drink human blood?

Stefan reveals that he stopped drinking human blood since the night he threatened to drive Elena off of Wickery Bridge.