Is Isobel Flemming a vampire?

Is Isobel Flemming a vampire?

Isobel is the first human we know of that was turned into a vampire by her own request. She is the second of her family who has slept with Damon Salvatore (that we know of). The first one is her ancestor Katherine Pierce and the third one is her own daughter Elena Gilbert.

Who is the strongest original vampire?


Is Bonnie a vampire?

She was a witch, a ghost, the Anchor to the Other Side, a Vampire Huntress, and a powerful psychic. During the Vampire Diaries series finale, aided by her ancestors, Bonnie saved Mystic Falls from hellfire. When fans last saw Bonnie, she was preparing to leave her hometown and travel the world.

Does Bonnie become a vampire?

Bonnie doesn't become a vampire because Nina Dobrev left the show. It's as simple as that. ... Either way, becoming a vampire isn't something that Bonnie would choose to do. Besides losing her magic she would also lose her connection with nature and her sense of who she was as a person.

Did Damon and Elena have a child?

In both alternate dimensions, Damon and Elena have at least one child and are alive and well - if not well off - living in Mystic Falls.

Is Kai Parker a vampire?

Kai woke up and transitioned into a witch-vampire hybrid, but was decapitated by Damon Salvatore soon after out of revenge for placing Elena in a mystical slumber until Bonnie dies. ... After he failed, he was permanently banished and imprisoned in the newly created 2018 Prison World by Bonnie, Lizzie, and Josie.

Did Damon really kill Kai?

Damon then kills Kai by decapitating him, ending the new hybrid life he had when Damon's mother turned him.

How is Kai a vampire?

Kai Parker was a siphoner witch, then turned into a heretic (vampire-witch hybrid). Siphoners can turn into vampire-witch hybrids because their magic comes from other things rather than themselves. When siphoners turn into heretics, they get an unlimited amount of magic from their vampirism.

Is Kai an original vampire?

No, he wasn't. He was a vampire then. He turned at the end of season six. ... Iirc, Kai doesn't even have powers in the last season of TVD.

Why did Kai stab himself?

He confronts Alaric, who's holding a dead Jo, and then Kai's family starts saying a spell to return him to a prison world. But then Kai stabs himself in the neck because if he dies, they all die with him.