What is the vervain plant used for?

What is the vervain plant used for?

Ethnobotanical: Blue vervain is used internally to treat depression, fevers, coughs, cramps, jaundice, and headaches. Externally, it is used for acne, ulcers, and cuts. Warning: Blue vervain can interfere with blood pressure medication and hormone therapy. Large doses will induce vomiting and diarrhea.

Does verbena like full sun?

All verbena needs to grow in full sun to light shade in well-draining soil. Perennial verbenas are heat tolerant and drought tolerant once established. They do well in xeriscape gardens. Verbena is generally referred to as long blooming.

When do you prune verbena?

The best time for cutting back lemon verbena is in spring, shortly after you see new growth. This is the main pruning of the year and will encourage new, bushy growth. Remove winter damage and dead stems down to ground level. Cut old, woody growth down to about 2 inches (5 cm.)01-Apr-2019

How do you revive verbena?

If there's life left in the verbena, it should perk up or send out new shoots within a few days. Assuming that happens, snip off any dead branches and keep watering. Once the plant is growing again, start to add a half- or quarter-strength balanced fertilizer every few days.

Does verbena do well in pots?

It's easily grown in containers, and a verbena hanging basket filled with trailing varieties creates a spectacular visual accent on the patio or indoors. Whether started from seed or established plants, even novice container gardeners can grow it.

How many verbena are in a hanging basket?


Do Geums self seed?

Propagating Geum Divide mature clumps in spring or autumn or sow seed in pots and place in a cold frame over winter. Geums will also self seed easily.