Why is my bromeliad fading?

Why is my bromeliad fading?

Roots that perpetually sit in water will begin to rot causing damage to the entire plant. Bromeliads can also succumb to heart rot. If the center of the bromeliad emits a slight rotting smell, appears brown and soggy, or the leaves fall off easily when touched it may be suffering from heart rot.

What do you do when your bromeliad flower dies?

To remove a spent bloom, use a sharp, sterilized blade and cut the bloom stalk. Make a clean cut as close to the remaining plant as possible without harming it. Once you've removed the bloom, you can toss it in the trash or compost. Don't neglect your bromeliad just because it finished blooming.

How often should bromeliads be watered?

It is often times sufficient to water your bromeliad once a week. In the wild, most bromeliads gather water in their central tanks, or reservoirs.

How do I get my Bromeliad to flower?

Forcing a Bromeliad to Bloom Sooner Empty the depression in the plant and encase it in a large plastic bag accompanied by a slice of apple, kiwi or banana. These fruits give off ethylene gas, which will help force the plant into bloom. Keep the plant in the bag for 10 days and then remove the covering.

Can you plant bromeliads in soil?

Bromeliads aren't picky about their soil as long as it is well draining. Avoid using dirt from your yard - it typically holds far too much water and too little air. 4, 5 and 6” pots are the most common sizes used for growing bromeliads.