How do you grow tuberose in Australia?

How do you grow tuberose in Australia?

Planting time: Late Winter to early Spring (after the frosts have finished). Plant bulbs in succession (leaving two weeks between plantings) for a longer, staggered flowering period. Soil: The soil must be well-drained and loamy. It needs to be prepared deeply with compost or well-rotted manure.

Are tuberose annual or perennial?

Polianthes tuberosa [pol-ee-AN-theez, too-ber-OH-suh] is a perennial plant, and often grown as an ornamental. It features thin, tubular flowers with six flaring segments and produces a strong, pleasant fragrance.

How do you store tuberose bulbs?

Storage of Tuberose Bulbs Rhizomes of Polianthes tuberosa can be stored during the winter at temperatures of 70-75 F. (21-24 C.), according to most tuberose plant info. They may also be air dried for seven to 10 days and stored in a cool location at 50 F. (10 C.)21-Mar-2019

Can tuberose be grown indoors?

As it happens to be, tuberose is fairly easy to grow either indoors or outside, if you have a nice sunny spot. After all, tuberose is a tropical plant, and as much as it will adapt to its new surroundings, it will always crave the sun.

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