How do you use a body shop reed diffuser?

How do you use a body shop reed diffuser?

How To Use

  1. Arrange the natural reed sticks in the decanter to allow the home fragrance to slowly release.
  2. Turn the sticks once a week to experience the maximum fragrance intensity.
  3. Wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly after touching the reeds.
  4. Read label before use.
  5. May produce an allergic reaction.

How do you open a scent diffuser?

What's the trick to opening the diffuser? Almost impossible to open. Your lid should lift straight up. Use two hands, one on either side and lift straight up to open.

Do you put all the sticks in a diffuser?

Use a coaster or plate under your diffuser to keep any oil drips from damaging a precious counter top. Flip all of the reeds on all of your diffusers before leaving for vacation. When you return home you'll be welcomed by an inviting fragrance rather than a stale, stuffy home.

How many sticks should you put in a diffuser?

Q: How many reeds should I put in the bottle? A: 10 to 12 reeds will diffuse plenty of scent with our fragrance diffuser oils. If the bottle neck is a little wider, 15 reeds look and diffuse fine too.

Can frankincense be ingested?

Ingesting frankincense oil or its extract, boswellia, isn't advisable. It isn't yet clear how ingesting either substance can affect you in the short- or long-term. Ingestion has risks.