How long do birdhouses take Osrs?

How long do birdhouses take Osrs?

approximately 50 minutes

How often can you do birdhouse runs?

I usually do herb and birdhouse runs at the same time roughly every 60-70 min. If I don't have herb seeds to plant then I'll do birdhouse runs every 50 min. If I'm on a slayer task then I usually do herb/bird runs when I go to the bank, or after the slayer task is done.

How many Chinchompas can you catch an hour?

220 chinchompas

How long does it take to get 99 Hunter?

13 Days

How many chins do you use per hour?

Depending on your gear and supplies, you can see upwards of 300-320K Ranged experience an hour. Of course, if you're away watching TV or paying little attention it will drop a bit. Either way still one of the best methods in OSRS for Ranged experience. You will use about 1,500 to 1,700 chins per hour using this method.

What level should I start red chins?

so theres been a bit of a debate whether hunters should do red sallies until 67 and move on to black sallies until 80 and then start red chinning. but at 63 the exp/hr at red sallies are about 45k and each lvl after 63 is about 38k+ so it takes like an hour each lvl if your multitasking while doing hunter.

How many Chinchompas is 99?


How long does 99 range take Chinning?

You may think “as fast as chinning is, it's expensive!” You're right. But notice, these are top tier training techniques. When you use them, you can get 99 range in a day.

How much does it cost to get 99 range with chins?

You need experience to reach 99. On average you get 250 exp per red chinchompa used in ape atoll. That means you'll need 49,187 red chins. Round that off to 50k, and it'll cost you approximately 74m for 99 range.

How much are red chins Osrs?

Red chinchompa
Value160 coins
High alch96 coins
Low alch64 coins
Weight0 kg

Are Chinchompas lost on death?

Note: If a player dies with chinchompas in their inventory or equipped, the chinchompas will disappear and cannot be retrieved. This is due to the fact that the chinchompa is a live animal, meaning it can run away. However, if you are in the Wilderness and die, the player who killed you can pick up your chinchompas.

How much GP per hour is red chins?

Unless you tick manipulating then you can get upward of 2m an hour, at 99. And for red chins you are looking around 800k-1m an hour at 99. 400k/hr for reds around level 70 and about a mil/hr for blacks around level 80.

How many black chins can you catch per hour?

240 chinchompas

How many chins do you need for 99 range?


How do you get red chins?

Red chinchompas can be obtained by box trapping carnivorous chinchompas in the Feldip Hunter area. This requires 63 Hunter, and will give the player 265 Hunter experience per catch. They can also be caught in the Red chinchompa hunting ground after completing the hard Western Provinces Diary.

Can you do mm2 on a pure?

No, you need to collect exp from mm1. Nope.

How much XP an hour is Chinning?

Chinning against skeletal monkeys will give you experience rates of between 150 to 400K per hour. Depending on your ranged level, chinchompas used and method used.

What level should I start Chinning Osrs?

Chinning is best range xp at any level, but it's not worth the gp / xp ratio until around 90 and thats really just basing it on opinion. Typically I wait til' 90. 45->70 range is only ~5k-6k regular chins, totally worth just chinning from 45. time is money, low-level range levels are the worst.